Electrotechnique et Automatisation HAVER

Innovative, economical, for the future

Electrical Engineering + Automation from HAVER & BOECKER optimise your production systems and adapt your machines and equipment to the increasing requirements of the future. With our innovative solutions you’ll reach the highest standards for profitability, flexibility, and energy efficiency. We’ll develop complete solutions for energy distribution, electrical systems, automation, including modern process control system. Management systems control and monitor your production systems and support the logistical processes.

We are your competent partner because we know and deliver mechanical processes and procedure; our control technology and logistic system are optimized accordingly.

HAVER Control-PPC®

Using the HAVER process and production control system, you’ll operate, monitor and manage your production Systems.

HAVER Control BMS®

The HAVER Control BMS® Batch Management System supports you during the production of mixed products based on precise recipes.


The HAVER Control CEDISS® despatch automation system organises the despatch of loose and packed goods in your plant and guides the cargo trucks to the appropriate loading Station.

HAVER Data-Processing-System DPS®

The DPS® Data Processing System is a program for the recording, display and statistical evaluation of weighing data from your packing machines.

Electrical Engineering

We are the ones to contact when it comes to energy distribution, switch and control cabinets, bus systems, weighing systems and electrical installations.