After-sales Service

We are your partner worldwide! Also when it comes to service, we distinguish ourselves from the rest through our expertise, reliability and nearness to the customer.
After the purchase of a machine or plant, we offer you an entire spectrum of services so that you can achieve maximum plant operating times and a constant high level of product quality.

Installation and start-up

Optimum function of a delivered new machine or plant requires professional and careful installation and start-up.

Tele-Service / remote maintenance

Our machines and complete plants are equipped with proven and modern technology. Via the Internet, we are able to check over the control system with respect to programming and processing errors.

Hotline / support

Our emergency team can be reached around the clock. The 24-hour hotline of our TKD Technical Customer Service is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and is anned by highly qualified electronics specialists.

Maintenance contracts

Through preventive maintenance, you can achieve maximum plant operating times. Production yield thus remains at the level you desire. Preventive maintenance works prevent unplanned plant shutdowns.