Safety engineering

Tasks and services

  • Support on safety related issues
  • Hazard analyses
  • Hazard assessments
  • Safety concepts
  • Manufacturers' declarations
  • Declaration of conformity (CE-marking)
  • Single and type examinations
  • Explosion protection documents
  • Training of employees and customer personnel
  • Safety-related examinations of machines and plants
  • Noise emission measurements

Advising on machine safety

The EC Machinery Directive requires an internal technical proof documentation for verifying the conformity of a machine. This must be kept by the manufacturer and presented to the authorities when requested.

Safety-related examination

Are your systems and machines safe? Machine safety is an important issue worldwide in order to protect people from accidents when operating machines and systems.

Writing up risk assessments

The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC requires manufacturers and vendors of machines and plants in Europe (EWR) to write up a risk assessment.

National regulations and laws regulate how the safety and health protection of employees at work is to be assured and improved.

Writing up safety concepts

Would you like to plan a machine or plant, or to put one in operation, and you need a safety concept?

Advising on explosion protection

Explosion protection is a sensitive, complex issue and is subject to constant changes. A person's life may depend on its correct implementation.


Would you like to train yourself or your design engineers, sales representatives or service technicians on machine safety or explosion protection?

Repeat examinations within the scope of the Ordinance Industrial Safety

Every employer is responsible for the hazard assessment of the machines and systems that are used, in accordance to the Ordinance on Industrial Safety!